Ansteorran Kingdom Seneschal

Master Modius von Mergentheim

Pre-registration for Summer 2018 Crown Tourney

Letters of Intent are required. Signup must occur seven days before Crown Tournament.

From the Crown of Ansteorra:

Greetings Ansteorra. Crown Tournament is fast approaching and I bring you the format. All rounds will be best 2 of 3 combat and single elimination, the only exception being if a round robin is needed to decide who goes to the finals. In that case, the 3 fighters will take the field with the two lowest precedence fighting first. Single point bouts will be fought. Looser keeps the field. The first fighter to lose twice is out of the tournament. Weapon styles and rounds are as follows. Round 1 will be challenge up and bring your best format. Round 2 will be challenge down. The weapon style will be chosen out of 3 possible styles after the challenges are made. Styles include single sword ( 1 hand sword under 42 inches), 6 foot spear (with single thrusting end and no slash, and glaive (6 ft-7ft 6in w/slash and both thrusting tips are allowed) Round 3 will be random pairings. The weapon style will be one of the two styles not chosen in round two. Round 4 through the finals will be bring your best. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you at crown. If there are any questions please contact me directly.

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Kingdom Law - June 2017

Section 5: Requirements for Entry into Crown Tournament

  1. The Sovereign and Consort may not enter Crown Tournament during the reign.
  2. The Kingdom Seneschal or a representative will verify proof of membership at or before Crown Tournament using a roster of paid members for every entrant and consort.
  3. Any competitor in Crown Tournament must make known to the Crown the identity of his or her prospective consort.
  4. Consorts may bestow their favor to only a single entrant in Crown Tournament.
  5. At the pleasure of the Crown, any person entering Crown Tournament as a fighter or consort must:
    1. Be acceptable to the Crown.
    2. Be paid members of the SCA with access to the Kingdom newsletter.
    3. Be of legal age in the state in which he or she resides.
    4. Have lived within the boundaries of the Kingdom for the previous calendar year.
    5. Have served in an administrative office of the SCA, or its equivalent, for at least a total of one year.
  6. Be able to exhibit a good working knowledge of SCA structure, kingdom structure, the powers and responsibilities of the Crown, and other major kingdom offices as defined in Corpora and Kingdom Law.
  7. Display a demeanor and appearance suitable to being a Sovereign or Consort.
  8. Bear the favor of a person as potential consort.
  9. Have sufficient income to support the office of the Crown.
  10. Have a means of rapid and regular communication.
  11. Have a dependable means of transportation.
  12. Give sufficient assurance that he or she will remain in the kingdom for the next nine months.
  1. In addition, any person entering Crown Tournament as a combatant must have:
    1. At least one year's fighting experience.
    2. A member of the Chivalry who will speak for him or her prior to the Crown Lists.
    3. A current fighter authorization.
  2. Combatants who are on probation or suspension with the marshallate cannot compete in Crown Tournament without the express permission of the Crown.
  3. Any fighter entereing Crown Tournament must swear the following oath in the presence of the Crown of Ansteorra:
    I do declare my intent to compete in the Crown Tournament of Ansteorra. I do swear that a gentle person has granted me favor and agreed to rule with me should I win. We do meet all requirements for assuming the Crown, as set forth in the Laws of Ansteorra. I swear, for myself and my consort, that should I win the Crown Tournament of Ansteorra, we will rule justly and to the utmost of our abilities, sparing no effort to fulfill our duties as Crown of Ansteorra. All these things I do swear by my honor.
  4. Any person entering Crown Tournament who willfully and deliberately falsifies their qualifications under these laws forfeits their right to participate in that Crown Tournament.