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Master Modius von Mergentheim (Erik Langhans)
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Greetings, Ansteorra!

I would like to thank my predecessor, Master Brian O hUilliam, for his outstanding service as Kingdom Seneschal. He leaves big shoes to fill. I hope I can live up to the high bar he has set.

There are a few announcements this month:

  • HL Colleen O‚ÄôKelly is the new Central Regional Seneschal. Many thanks to Mistress Asiya bint Mikha'il for her excellent work in this office for the last two years.
  • Round Table will be hosted by the Province of Mooneschadowe on January 21, 2017. Thank you to all of the groups who submitted a bid. Contact me directly if you have a class you'd like to add to the class schedule.

Regarding Red Tape, in addition to the normal slate of classes, a brainstorming session will be held to discuss possible uses for the kingdom's cash reserves. As you think and discuss ways to spend our Kingdom's money, you are welcome to send your ideas to the Kingdom Financial Committee (the Crown, the Kingdom Treasurer, and the Kingdom Seneschal) ahead of time, or bring them to the event. All potential options will be considered against current Kingdom Financial Policy, plus the usual rules regarding educational, not-for-profit uses. In addition, please consider these points as you refine your ideas (summarized from Kingdom Financial Policy, 07-2016, IX Controlling Assets, section H; posted on the Kingdom Exchequer's webpage):

  • Why do we need this? What purpose does it serve?
  • Do we already have something like this? If yes: why do we need another? If no: why not?
  • Who will use this? Will it require maintenance?
  • How big is this thing? Will it be easily lost? Will it be easily broken? Will it require special transportation?
  • Will this require multiple expenditures over time, or will it be completely paid for once and not again except for routine maintenance?

Final thought: always seek ways to collaborate and be compassionate.

Modius 10/25/2016